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  1. Iranian asylum seeker Babak Hajipour poses for a photograph in Liverpool

    Braving dangerous waters, Iranians seek a better life in Britain

    The traffickers told Fardin Gholami that a fishing boat would take him from France to England at midnight, but when he and five other Iranian ...
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    US-born Iranian TV anchor's arrest confirmed by US court

  3. FILE PHOTO: Iranian-made Emad missile is displayed during a ceremony marking the 37th anniversary o

    Europe's patience with Iran wears thin, tiptoes towards Trump

    In Tehran on Jan. 8 during a meeting with European envoys, Iranian officials abruptly stood up, walked out and slammed the door in an ...
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    Iran calls for release of Iranian journalist arrested in US - IRNA

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    Iran lets hundreds of women attend Asian Champions League final

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    Iranian women still hoping for access to Asian showcase final

  7. Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide looks on at the scientific research station in the N

    Norway summons Iranian ambassador over alleged assassination plot in Denmark

    Norway summoned the Iranian ambassador on Thursday over a suspected assassination plot against an Iranian Arab opposition figure in Denmark ...
  8. Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen speaks during a news conference in Copenhagen

    Iranian spy service suspected of assassination plot in Denmark - security chief

    Denmark will push for fresh EU-wide sanctions against Iran following a suspected attempted attack by an Iranian intelligence service on Danish ...