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  1. Mohammed bin Salman

    Saudi prince says Israelis, Palestinians have 'right' to their own land

    Saudi Arabia and Israel still have no formal diplomatic relations, but behind the scenes, improvements in their ties have accelerated in recent years.
  2. Marawi Islam 5

    Answer to Marawi extremism seen as more than just religion

    The Marawi siege is reaching its end. But it is the protracted scars of this conflict, and the city’s role as a centre for religious militant ...
  3. (rs) mij hub 14

    Son needed a special school, so they set up one for youths like him

    She gave up her a corporate career and learnt how to be a special needs educator. Now she and her husband provide a safe place for some 200 Muslim ...
  4. (kc) Muslim Identity (5)

    Malaysia’s Muslims grapple with being ‘good enough’, as conservative voices get strident

    Wrestling with criticism and what it means to be Malay-Muslim, some worry that the pressure could drive the young into the arms of extremists like ...