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  1. Woman, whose husband was on Lion Air flight JT610, cries as she holds their son in Jakarta

    Tearful relatives of Indonesia jet crash victims demand answers

    Relatives of the victims of an Indonesian jet that crashed into the sea off Jakarta this week killing all 189 on board demanded answers on Monday ...
  2. Rescue team members stand during lifting-up an turbine engine of Lion Air flight JT610 at the north

    Indonesia extends search for jet crash victims, second black box

    Indonesian authorities on Sunday extended by three days the search for the victims and a black box from the wreckage of a passenger jet that ...
  3. Rescue workers load up recovered debris of Lion Air flight JT610 onto a truck at Tanjung Priok port

    Indonesia scours sea bed for crashed Lion Air jet's second black box

    Indonesian divers on Friday resumed a search for a second black box amid the sunken wreckage of a nearly new aircraft that slammed into the sea ...
  4. Indonesian navy personnel carry an emergency ladder of Lion Air's flight JT610 at Tanjung Prio

    Indonesian investigators examine black box from crashed jet

    Indonesian authorities on Thursday retrieved a flight data recorder from a Lion Air jet that crashed and broke apart in shallow sea near the ...
  5. Families of passengers of  Lion Air flight JT610 stand as they look at the belongings of the passen

    In Indonesia's tin islands, plane crash leaves deep scars

    As Indonesia struggles to determine why an airliner crashed this week with the loss of all 189 people on board, there is nowhere the impact of its ...
  6. The Boeing-737 MAX 8, which went into service just a few months ago, crashed into the Java Sea off

    Indonesia closes in on location of doomed Lion Air jet's black box

  7. Asia Default Image

    Indonesian Muslims hold protest to demand justice for flag burning

  8. A teller at a money changer handles Indonesia rupiah bank notes in Jakarta, Indonesia

    Commentary: Sliding Indonesia rupiah causes Jakarta jitters

    Yet fears of instability might be blown out of proportion if you consider Indonesia’s solid economic fundamentals, says one observer.