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    US health care industry spends US$30 billion a year on marketing

  2. Glucose level check

    More nurses providing primary care where MDs in short supply

  3. FILE PHOTO: A competitor prepares to go in front of judges at a casting call for the second season

    More US adults may be trying to lose weight, after all

    - Researchers said last year that the proportion of overweight U.S. adults trying to lose weight has been shrinking - but newly reanalyzed data ...
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    US relies heavily on foreign-born healthcare workers

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    Telemedicine surging in US but still uncommon

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    Football concussions drop after Ivy League kickoff change

  7. doctor file

    Physician burnout taking center stage

  8. Shanmugam and Imam Nalla hug

    Imam Nalla has shown 'remorse and regret' for actions: Shanmugam

    The imam fined for making remarks against Christians and Jews met leaders of other faith, including a Rabbi at the synagogue, to apologise for his ...