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  1. FILE PHOTO: Dyson logo is seen on one of company's products presented during an event in Beiji

    Britain orders 10,000 ventilators from vacuum-maker Dyson

    Meanwhile, companies such as Rolls-Royce, Airbus and Siemens UK are also working with seven Formula One racing teams to ramp up production of ...
  2. Wallich Residences penthouse Singapore

    Inside a S$20 million penthouse, with James Dyson as your neighbour

    The owners of this four-bedroom penthouse in Wallich Residences will be neighbours with James Dyson, who recently acquired the development’s ...
  3. James Dyson's new property in Wallich Towers has five bedrooms,  a private garden and a viewing

    Commentary: Great symbolism as James Dyson swaps Brexit Britain for a Singapore villa in the sky

    The reported price of S$73.8 million gets Sir James more than just five bedrooms, three storeys, a private pool and a wine cellar, says the ...
  4. The rooftop terrace of the "super penthouse" at Wallich Residence

    British billionaire James Dyson snaps up Singapore's priciest penthouse

    British billionaire James Dyson, inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner, has bought Singapore's most expensive penthouse, official records show.
  5. James Dyson

    Dyson driving towards all-terrain electric car in 2021

    James Dyson, famed for his vacuum cleaners, hinted on Thursday (May 9) that his electric car would be more energy efficient than rivals - and with ...