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  1. Wallich Residences penthouse Singapore

    Inside a S$20 million penthouse, with James Dyson as your neighbour

    The owners of this four-bedroom penthouse in Wallich Residences will be neighbours with James Dyson, who recently acquired the development’s ...
  2. James Dyson's new property in Wallich Towers has five bedrooms,  a private garden and a viewing

    Commentary: Great symbolism as James Dyson swaps Brexit Britain for a Singapore villa in the sky

    The reported price of S$73.8 million gets Sir James more than just five bedrooms, three storeys, a private pool and a wine cellar, says the ...
  3. James Dyson

    Dyson driving towards all-terrain electric car in 2021

    James Dyson, famed for his vacuum cleaners, hinted on Thursday (May 9) that his electric car would be more energy efficient than rivals - and with ...