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  1. New hotels in Japan 2019

    Onsens and kaiseki: 5 new hotels in Japan to check-in to on your next holiday

    Among the highlights: Japan’s third Aman property, which will be located in Kyoto, as well as the legendary Okura Tokyo, which recently underwent ...
  2. Independent Japanese watchmaker Hajime Asaoka

    Why this Japanese watchmaker decided to create affordable watches

    For those who haven’t been able to acquire a Hajime Asaoka watch, a more accessible option is available.
  3. Lexus LC

    How Lexus interprets the uniquely Japanese spirit of omotenashi

    You might have come across the term omotenashi on your travels. But just how does omotenashi translate to a car? CNA Luxury journeys to Japan to ...
  4. Fresh Sea Urchin Gragnano Spaghetti

    Love uni? Eat your fill of sea urchin in an Italian restaurant for a change

    Starting Friday (Jul 5), The Lighthouse Restaurant & Rooftop Bar at The Fullerton Hotel is showcasing sea urchin as part of a seasonal menu.
  5. Most expensive whiskies sold at auction

    S$2.1m for a bottle of Macallan? The most expensive whiskies sold at auction

    Rare Japanese whiskies have been commanding stratospheric prices, and old Macallans continue to set new auction records.
  6. Haku Vodka is an elegant Japanese vodka made from rice

    Sip your grains: An elegant Japanese vodka made from rice

    Haku Vodka, Suntory’s newest ambrosia, is a delicate spirit that should be drunk neat.
  7. Zen is the Singapore satellite of Restaurant Frantzen, which has three Michelin stars in Sweden

    At Singapore’s most expensive restaurant, meals sprawl upwards of three hours

    Which is why it’s important that you dine at Restaurant Zen with someone you really, really like.
  8. 90s Japanese Cult Cars HERO

    Here’s why collectors are snapping up vintage Japanese performance cars

    Remember the classic Mazda RX-7s and Honda Integras from the 90s? Well, they and their Nipponese brethren are now piquing tremendous interest from ...
  9. Remarkable Living Artisans Kaikado Tea Caddy HERO

    The Kyoto craftsman keeping his family's 144-year-old legacy alive by hand

    In Japan, even everyday household items like tea canisters are crafted with care. Now Takahiro Yagi wants to share his traditions with the world.
  10. Remarkable Living Gastronomy Hashida HERO 2

    The chef making his own caviar from sturgeon in Japan for Singapore diners

    Chef Kenjiro Hashida wants his Singapore customers to fall in love not only with the caviar he produces, but with the flavourful flesh of sturgeon ...