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  1. Dawei 1

    Split visions of Dawei’s future as Thailand, Myanmar restart special economic zone project

    The governments of Thailand and Myanmar are set to restart the development of the Dawei deep-sea port and special economic zone, after both ...
  2. Transport 4

    ASIA'S FUTURE CITIES: Laos capital on the road to modern public transport system?

    Vientiane is expected to soon endorse a multi-billion dollar sustainable public transport system to fight rising congestion and the lack of ...
  3. North Korean assasins

    N Korean operatives suspected of killing Kim Jong Nam may be dead: Report

    The two North Korean women who allegedly assassinated Kim Jong Nam, half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, in a Kuala Lumpur airport may ...
  4. Abe arrives in US

    Japan's Abe arrives in US ahead of summit with Trump

    Abe is expected to propose new cabinet level US-Japan talks on trade, security and macroeconomic issues, including currencies, during their ...
  5. New Content Item

    US defence chief, in Japan, reaffirms commitment to defense treaty

    Jim Mattis, on his first trip since taking over the Pentagon, appeared eager to reassure Japan of U.S. resolve, after an election campaign that ...