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  1. Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

    Commentary: Faced with a troubling blasphemy verdict, Ahok at least left Jakarta a legacy of reform

    The former governor had done a lot to improve the lives of ordinary Jakarta residents. But his blasphemy trial verdict sets a troubling precedence ...
  2. USS Carl Vinson Apr 10

    USS Carl Vinson not heading for North Korea when officials claimed it was: Reports

    A defence official told AFP on Tuesday that the ships were still off the northwest coast of Australia. A Navy photograph showed the Vinson off ...
  3. Indonesia boat search

    At least 11 dead in Indonesian boat accidents

    At least 11 people were killed on Thursday (Apr 13) in two separate boat accidents on Indonesia's main island of Java, officials said.
  4. ali quake 2203

    Commentary: Cause of Bali quake can produce even bigger earthquakes and tsunamis

    The recent quake is a reminder of the slumbering tectonic dragon lurking beneath the surface of Bali, explains Earth Observatory of Singapore's ...