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  1. A lookback at Levi's HERO

    The rise and rise of Levi's: Why is this American denim icon back in the limelight?

    After collaborations with Valentino and Miu Miu, Levi’s is making a fashion resurgence – but did it ever go away?
  2. Ep 4
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    Ep 4: The Birthplace Of Japanese Denim

    Take a trip to Miyama, Japan - famed for its traditional thatched-roof houses. In Kojima, meet a man who handcrafts Japanese jeans. And visit a ...
  3. Denim rules for 2020 HERO

    Time to replace your skinny jeans and jeggings – here are the latest denim trends

    You can finally stop holding your breath while putting on that tight pair. Shopping for denim these days is a lot more inclusive. Here’s a list of ...
  4. Jeans Innovation Centre's laser system

    Uniqlo is cutting water usage by 99% so your jeans don't kill the planet

    CNA Lifestyle went to California to find out how the Japanese company behind Uniqlo has developed tech to make your blue jeans in a thoroughly ...
  5. Denim for SEXY BUTT Main

    The denim guide: How to make your butt look amazing in jeans

    Big butt? Flat butt? No more buts when it comes to finding the cheekiest pair of jeans that’ll work for you.
  6. Denim for THUNDER THIGHS main

    The denim guide: Score the perfect pair of jeans to slim down thunder thighs

    The right jeans are a lightning-fast way to gain more gazelle-like gams.
  7. Denim for Chubby main illustration

    The denim guide: How to find the perfect pair of plus-size jeans

    If you’re a little (or a lot) on the chubby side, the right pair of jeans can help you look slimmer, no diet required.
  8. Denim for shorties main illustration

    The denim guide: Tips for short people to find the perfect pair of jeans

    In this edition of CNA Lifestyle's guide to good jeans, practical advice for both guys and girls to give the illusion of extra height – and what ...