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    UK Labour suspends ex-leader Corbyn on anti-Semitism 'day of shame'

    British Labour leader Keir Starmer on Thursday apologised for his party's failure to deal with anti-semitism in its ranks after an official report ...
  2. An anti-Brexit protestor rides a bicycle with Union Jack flag and European Union flag attached to i

    Commentary: How the Labour party failed to connect with the working class - and lost the UK election

    Team Corbyn ran a woeful campaign and failed pretty badly in connecting with many Brits, says University of Sterling’s Eric Shaw.
  3. Boris Johnson,Jeremy Corbyn compositeon polling day

    Commentary: Boris Johnson’s win and the shifting sands of politics in the UK

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson secured a huge victory, and Brexit is a go but it doesn't not mean that it is a done deal, says Laura Hood.
  4. Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses his supporters in front of the general electi

    Commentary: UK heads to polls to break years-long gridlock on Brexit

    After years of gridlock, British voters are hoping for clarity by the holidays, says Brookings Institution’s Amanda Sloat.
  5. Boris Johnson visit as part of London International Shipping Week

    Commentary: Undecided UK voters feel overwhelmed with information

    Two UK scholars dive into the consideration of undecided voters in the lead-up to the United Kingdom's 2019 general election.