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  1. Prime Minister's Questions session in Parliament in London

    Who is still in the race to replace UK's Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn?

    Britain's opposition Labour Party will elect a new leader after veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn said he would step down following his party's ...
  2. Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer speaks during a Labour Party general election campaign meeting

    Starmer launches bid for leadership of UK's Labour Party

    Keir Starmer, a former senior public prosecutor, launched his bid to replace Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party on ...
  3. "Stop the Brexit landslide" rally in London

    Blair tells Britain's Labour: Change or face dustbin of history

    Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Labour's most successful election winner, will tell the opposition party it must change course after its ...
  4. An anti-Brexit protestor rides a bicycle with Union Jack flag and European Union flag attached to i

    Commentary: How the Labour party failed to connect with the working class - and lost the UK election

    Team Corbyn ran a woeful campaign and failed pretty badly in connecting with many Brits, says University of Sterling’s Eric Shaw.
  5. Boris Johnson,Jeremy Corbyn compositeon polling day

    Commentary: Boris Johnson’s win and the shifting sands of politics in the UK

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson secured a huge victory, and Brexit is a go but it doesn't not mean that it is a done deal, says Laura Hood.