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  1. Theresa May

    British government to put forward Brexit bill in June

  2. Jeremy Corbyn launches election campaign

    Britain's Labour launches EU vote campaign warning of 'Trump Brexit'

    Britain's main opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn warned frustrated eurosceptic voters on Thursday (May 9) they were risking a "Donald Trump Brexit" ...
  3. Funeral of journalist Lyra McKee in Belfast

    'Corbyn-proof'? British water, power firms take nationalisation precautions

    British water and power firms are trying to soothe nerves over nationalisation in the event of a Labour government, although some fund managers ...
  4. Jeremy Corbyn

    Jewish Labour Movement passes motion of no confidence in Corbyn

  5. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has consistently called for Britain to remain in a customs union

    UK Army probes video of Labour leader photo used for target practice

    The British Army said on Wednesday (Apr 3) it is investigating after a video emerged showing soldiers on a shooting range firing at a picture of ...
  6. Theresa May

    British PM seeks new Brexit delay to approve deal

  7. Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn holds a rose as he arrives at Finsbury Park mosque in

    Man jailed for 'egging' UK Labour's Jeremy Corbyn

  8. A pro-Brexit protester displays placards outside of the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain

    Commentary: Weeks away from 'national hysteria', as the UK remains stuck in a Brexit mess

    It is still unclear whether the withdrawal will be orderly, disorderly, postponed or abandoned, says King's College London's Emeritus Professor ...
  9. Britain's Labour Party leader Corbyn leaves a meeting with EU Chief Brexit Negotiator Barnier

    UK Labour leader Corbyn says he could back a second Brexit referendum

    British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said if his party won power he would renegotiate a Brexit deal with the European Union and could hold ...
  10. Britain's main opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, shown here outside his home, will

    British opposition leader warns of no deal Brexit danger

    British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn warned on Thursday (Feb 21) a no deal Brexit was a "very serious and present" risk and blamed Prime ...