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  1. Part of an excavation site where a huge prehistoric settlement was discovered by Israeli archaeolog

    Prehistoric city offers glimpse of ancient living near Jerusalem

    A huge prehistoric settlement discovered near Jerusalem by Israeli archaeologists offers new insight into how civilizations developed around the ...
  2. Palestinian men spray water on children to cool them down before prayers on the last Friday of the

    In Jerusalem, thousands pray at Al-Aqsa on last Friday of Ramadan

    Tens of thousands of Muslims attended prayers at al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem amid tight security on the last Friday of Ramadan, hearing a message ...
  3. FILE PHOTO:  Jordan's King Abdullah adjusts his tie during a welcome ceremony for Cypriot Pres

    Jordan's king tells Trump adviser peace can only come with a Palestinian state

    Jordan's King Abdullah told U.S. President Donald Trump's adviser Jared Kushner on Thursday that a lasting Middle East peace can only come with ...