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  1. How to invest in jewellery

    Jewellery investment: Advice on how to navigate the current volatile market

    The volatile, and often opaque, nature of the jewellery market means that while gems can be a good store of value, they are not always a good ...
  2. Apple Jewel Changi Airport

    Apple opens its second Singapore store at Jewel Changi Airport on Saturday

    Customers can sign up for a unique session to learn photography techniques on the iPhone and iPad while exploring Jewel’s highlights.  
  3. Pokemon Explorer photo 3

    Jewel Changi Airport launches new Pokemon Explorer game on its mobile app

    Players can complete “missions” with their Pokemon partners, including helping Pikachu collect berries or catching Magikarp by using their phone ...
  4. No expense was spared when it came to the parade of jewels at Cannes

    Cannes 2019: The best jewels worn by celebrities at the glitzy film festival

    Which star shone the brightest at the Cannes Film Festival? You be the judge.
  5. The Vivid Bee collection features Vivid Yellow, black and white diamonds, and green tsavorites

    Buzzworthy baubles: The Vivid Bee collection is an ode to yellow diamonds

    Designed by jeweller Vihari Sheth, The Vivid Bee collection is a quirky series of rings, earrings, and bangles that express her penchant for ...
  6. Remarkable Living Access Serene Chua Jewellery HERO

    The Singapore jewellery collector with Elizabeth Taylor's lion head bracelet

    The jewels that private banker Serene Chua owns are more than just accessories – they are future heirlooms for her little girls.
  7. A man snapping a photo of the opening of the Rain Vortex from a vantage point.

    Commentary: Why Jewel Changi Airport should be enjoyed in person – not through a smartphone

    Technology can make our lives better so why is it making us sadder and lonelier instead? IMD Business School Professor Howard Yu dives into the ...
  8. The 135,700 sq m complex was built on the site of the former Terminal 1 open air carpark.

    Commentary: Will Jewel Changi Airport sound the death knell for Orchard Road?

    As Singaporeans and tourists flock to the futuristic shopping mall at the airport, the country’s original shopping belt might just be losing even ...