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    Trump pilloried for retweeting anti-Muslim videos

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    Farage faces backlash over criticism of slain MP's widower

    Top Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage faced a backlash on Wednesday (Dec 21) after linking the widower of British MP Jo Cox, who was assassinated by ...
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    Far-right extremist found guilty of killing British MP Jo Cox

    The jury at London's Old Bailey central criminal court convicted Thomas Mair, 53, of shooting and stabbing the mother-of-two as she arrived at a ...
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    Dying British lawmaker told aides to escape as killer struck: Court

    Dying British lawmaker Jo Cox pleaded with her aides to save themselves after her killer launched a frenzied attack, prompting him to return to ...
  5. Syria 'White Helmets'

    Syrian 'White Helmets' contenders for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize

    The White Helmets are said to be made up of thousands of volunteers and are often seen in amateur videos posted online, digging through rubble ...
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    PM Cameron resigns after Britain votes to break with EU

    British Prime Minister David Cameron resigns after the Leave campaign won Britain's EU referendum by 52 per cent to the Remain campaign's 48 per cent.
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    British MP murder suspect to be tried in November

    LONDON: The alleged murderer of British lawmaker Jo Cox, whose shock killing cast a cloud over the final week of Brexit campaigning, will be tried ...
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    World remembers slain UK MP on eve of vote

    The commemoration in the city's central Trafalgar Square is set to include Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai with similar events to take ...
  9. City of London

    Big businesses raise Brexit alarm on eve of vote

    The world's fifth-largest economy will suffer a powerful blow to growth and jobs, corporate chiefs warned, if Britain becomes the first state to ...
  10. Tate Modern Vote Remain banner brexit

    Rival Brexit camps battle into eve of referendum

    "Nobody knows what is going to happen," said Prime Minister David Cameron in a last-minute media interview. "I believe it will one way or another ...