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    City Harvest case: Prosecution’s bid to reinstate longer jail terms rejected by Apex court

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    Kong Hee, City Harvest leaders permanently barred from managing charities: MCCY

    The permanent disqualification means that the six leaders can no longer hold any governance or management positions in a charity, MCCY says.
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    Why judges ruled to reduce the jail terms of City Harvest Church leaders

    The High Court, in a split decision, convicted Kong and his five accomplices of a reduced charge - the least aggravated form of Criminal Breach of ...
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    Court to rule on City Harvest Church leaders' appeal next Friday

    The High Court will deliver a verdict on the City Harvest Church appeal next Friday morning (Apr 7).
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    'Fraud of the worst kind': Prosecutors seek stiffer jail terms for City Harvest leaders

    Six City Harvest Church leaders who "committed fraud of the worst kind" should be put away for longer, prosecutors argued on Wednesday (Sep 21).
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    'Noble ends cannot justify criminal means', prosecutors tell City Harvest leaders

    "No matter what the means, the sentence meted out cannot send the message that if you think your ends were noble then the means you choose are ...
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    'He is not guilty': City Harvest appeal begins at the High Court

    John Lam, who was found guilty of three charges of conspiring to commit criminal breach of trust and sentenced to three years' jail, kick-started ...