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  1. Members of a self-defence group make guns to be used against security forces in Kayah state

    Myanmar self-defence groups take fight to junta with homemade rifles

    At makeshift factories hidden in Myanmar's jungle, locals who have formed self-defence groups make rifles to take the fight to the military junta, ...
  2. South Korea Myanmar

    South Korean steelmaker to end partnership with Myanmar military

    SKorean steelmaker to end partnership with Myanmar military
  3. Ep 1
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    Ep 1: Military In Politics: Myanmar

    Will the violence and mass protests in Myanmar help restore democracy in the country?
  4. Insight FY2021 ep 42
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    Ep 42: Military In Politics: Thailand

    Will the military’s continued presence in politics lead to greater stability and progress or will it cause further turmoil and deepen ...
  5. AP Week in Pictures Asia

    Commentary: Can Myanmar’s civil disobedience movement overturn the coup?

    Despite the Myanmar people’s sheer determination for democracy, there are a number of possible scenarios that could emerge from these protests, ...
  6. APTOPIX India Myanmar

    Fleeing Myanmar policemen defy army order to kill protesters

    A group of Myanmar policemen recounted their escape to India after defying the Myanmar army's orders to shoot people who oppose the Feb 1 coup in ...