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  1. Keppel FELS

    Keppel O&M bribery case: The rise and stumble of Singapore’s biggest rig builder

    The prospect of new contracts led Keppel’s offshore and marine unit into Brazil and subsequently, the murky waters of corruption.
  2. Keppel FELS

    Singapore seeks assistance to move ‘as expeditiously as possible’ on Keppel O&M case: Indranee

    The Government’s intention is to move as “expeditiously as possible” on investigations relating to Keppel Offshore & Marine and the ...
  3. keppel corp

    Keppel O&M bribery case: Small pain for share price, but bigger governance questions loom

    While investors seem to have shrugged off the bribery scandal surrounding Keppel Offshore & Marine, the case raises bigger issues about the ...
  4. Keppel

    Keppel O&M bribery case: What you need to know

    For giving bribes of more than US$50 million over 13 years to officials in Brazil in exchange for business deals, Keppel Offshore & Marine has ...
  5. Keppel Shipyard Singapore

    Keppel O&M to pay US$422m in fines as part of settlement over corruption probe