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  1. India floods Karnataka Aug 11, 2019

    India flood toll jumps to 144 as roads, highways cut off

  2. Sabarimala temple

    Third woman breaches ban at Indian Hindu temple amid protests

  3. Supporters of BJP and Hindu nationalist organisation RSS attend a protest rally during a strike aga

    Protests paralyse Indian state after women defy temple ban

    Conservative Hindu groups forced India's southern state of Kerala to a standstill on Thursday as they protested against the state government for ...
  4. FILE PHOTO:  Police stand inside the premises of the Sabarimala temple in Pathanamthitta

    India's top court to review ruling lifting ban on women of menstruating age entering temple

    India's top court on Tuesday agreed to review its ruling two months ago that removed a ban on women of menstruating age from entering a prominent ...
  5. Policemen escort members of the Hindu groups to Pampa base camp, to prevent them from clashing with

    Indian temple controversy turns political as protests grow

    A senior leader of India's ruling party warned on Friday that protesters in the southern state of Kerala would take the law into their hands if ...
  6. The Supreme Court in India has overturned a rule that forbade the majority of women from entering

    India's top court lifts Hindu temple ban on women of menstruating age

  7. Kerala relief

    Flood toll in India's Kerala rises to 445

  8. Kerala relief

    India rejects UAE government's US$100m flood disaster fund offer

    The move came despite calls to accept the Gulf state's largesse by Kerala's chief minister who has pleaded for more aid than India's government ...