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  1. Sudanese protesters march during a demonstration to commemorate the 40 days anniversary of the sit-

    Thousands rally in Sudan to mourn protesters killed in June raid

    Thousands of Sudanese protesters rallied across the country including in the capital on Saturday (Jul 13) to mourn dozens of demonstrators killed ...
  2. The first mass rallies since a deadly June 3 crackdown were met with teargas as security forces

    Sudan protesters call for civil disobedience on Jul 14

  3. Sudan protests

    Sudan protesters flood capital to defend 'revolution'

  4. The June 3 killings have sparked international anger, including in Washington

    Sudan generals must transfer power to regain trust: UK envoy

  5. Members of Sudan's alliance of opposition and protest groups chant slogans outside Sudan'

    Khartoum banks shuttered on second day of opposition strikes

  6. A protester makes victory sign as he carries a Sudanese flag in front of the Defence Ministry in Kh

    Sudan protest leaders, army rulers to talk on power transfer

    Protest leaders were to hold talks on Saturday (Apr 20) with Sudan's military rulers to seek a timetable for a transfer of power to a civilian ...
  7. A Sudanese demonstrator chants slogans as he attends a sit-in protest outside the Defence Ministry

    Sudan protesters move to protect Khartoum sit-in

  8. A Sudanese military officer and demonstrators gesture in celebration after Defence Minister Awad Ib

    New military council leader promises civilian government for Sudan

    Sudan's security and intelligence chief quit on Saturday, state media reported, a day after the defence minister stepped down abruptly as interim ...
  9. FILE PHOTO: Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir delivers a speech inside Parliament in Khartoum

    Sudan army topples veteran leader Bashir