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  1. Danger of high-intensity workouts | Video
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    Danger of high-intensity workouts | Video

    High-intensity workouts can help one to lose weight and get fit, but they can also lead to kidney failure or even death if one pushes beyond limits.
  2. Cans of soda are displayed at Kwik Stops Liquor in San Diego

    7 major soft drinks manufacturers in Singapore to reduce sugar content in drinks

    The Diabetes Prevention and Care Taskforce is also studying measures like sugar tax, warning labels and advertising restrictions on sweetened ...
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    Commentary: Singaporeans plan our whole lives, so why not our deaths?

    Planning our end-of-life care can help our loved ones deal with difficult decisions and cope during a period of grief, yet Singaporeans don’t seem ...
  4. Platelet transfusion at TTSH

    Commentary: At life's end, do we want to spend our last days in the hospital?

    What we want out of care at the end of our lives is a good starting point for how we should design our palliative care system, argues Dr Cynthia Goh.
  5. Thai soldiers parade

    Ten Thai soldiers wanted over death of conscript

    Thai police have accused ten soldiers of beating a 22-year-old army conscript to death in a military prison, as the army races to limit damage ...