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  1. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meets with South Korean President Moon Jae-in during their summit a

    Kim Jong Un's art of the deal - make friends for spare parts

    On a shelf in a cramped office on the outskirts of Moscow, businessman Igor Michurin has a framed photograph of himself shaking hands with one of ...
  2. Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics - Kim Yong Chol, vice chairman of North Korea's ruling Worker

    Explainer: The man sent by North Korean leader to US for high-level talks

    When Kim Yong Chol lands in New York this week, he will become the most senior North Korean envoy to hold talks with American officials on U.S.
  3. North and South Korea officials meet March 29, 2018

    Two Koreas in high-level talks ahead of summit

    Kim Jong Un is due to meet South Korean President Moon next month, followed by a landmark nuclear summit with US President Donald Trump, which ...
  4. Korea meeting

    Trump hails 'very positive' North Korea offer of talks

    Trump sounded a note of warning, signalling the threat of military action remains on the table should talks fail to make headway.
  5. Kim Dae Jung

    The two previous inter-Korean summits

  6. Kim Jong Nam file photo

    Kim Jong Nam, the 'Little General' who fell from grace

    On Tuesday, after more than a decade in exile from the North, Jong Nam - the 45-year-old half-brother of current leader Kim Jong Un - was widely ...
  7. North Korea statues

    North Koreans mark anniversary of Kim's death: Report

    North Koreans climbed Mansu Hill in central Pyongyang before they laid flowers and bowed to giant statues of Kim Jong Il and his father Kim Il Sung.