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  1. Kitchen Stories Chef Mok Kit Keung 1 Shang Palace

    The old family recipes that let Shang Palace’s chef take fine Chinese cuisine into the future

    Chef Mok Kit Keung’s 40-year career is as storied as the 20-year-old orange peel preserved by his late mother.
  2. 1 Kitchen Stories Bar Cicheti Chef Lim Yew Aun 1

    The heartland boy with the Italian hotspots: 'You can learn anything from YouTube'

    Cicheti and Bar Cicheti attract a fabulously buzzy crowd – and the chef behind their success, Lim Yew Aun, has never even been to Italy.
  3. Chef Julien Royer Odette 1

    The chef behind Singapore’s No 1 restaurant is now serving food on a plane

    Odette’s chef-owner is scaling new heights – not only is his restaurant tops in Asia, Julien Royer is also the first Singapore-based chef to work ...
  4. Chef Ming Tan Jam at Siri House Park Bench Deli Lolla_mod

    Fighting youthful insecurity and emotions to prove himself to older chefs

    Chef Ming Tan of Jam at Siri House has helmed some of the most exciting F&B hot spots. But in the beginning, it was a 's***show' for someone who ...
  5. Alexander SM Pang 3 New Ubin Seafood

    How New Ubin Seafood became famous for its beef and 'heart attack' fried rice

    The father-and-son team behind this famous establishment don’t just do zi char; they are in search of a true Singapore cuisine.
  6. Kitchen Stories Preludio Chef Fernando Arevalo black white 1

    Kitchen Stories: The Colombian chef who only cooks in black and white

    At Preludio, only monochromatic dishes are served, but chef-owner Fernando Arevalo doesn't want you to think his "author's cuisine" is pretentious.
  7. Baked BBQ Pork Buns Tim Ho Wan chefs

    Kitchen Stories: How Tim Ho Wan’s founding chefs built a dream and caught a star

    Here's why Mak Kwai Pui and Leung Fai Keung deliberately chose the most difficult dim sum dish to headline their menu.
  8. Folklore Chef Damian D'Silva Eurasian food cuisine 1

    Why chef Damian D’Silva fights for the soul of Singapore's food heritage

    "We have not lost our identity per se, but we’ve forgotten who we are." The crusade against cultural erosion by one of Singapore’s most stalwart ...
  9. Kitchen stories female head chef sujatha asokan 1

    Kitchen Stories: When the head chef is a 27-year-old girl boss

    The Garage’s young, female head chef Sujatha Asokan bleeds assam laksa from her culinary veins and suffers no ill discipline in her kitchen – ...