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  1. Asia Default Image

    Taiwan lawmakers, fishermen protest at disputed island

    Eight lawmakers from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and opposition Kuomintang (KMT) boarded a military plane early Wednesday to the ...
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    1 dead, 3 injured after Taiwan mistakenly fires 'carrier killer' missile

    The domestically developed missile flew about 75 kilometres before hitting a trawler in waters off Penghu, a Taiwanese-administered island group ...
  3. Hou Han-ting

    Oh, Hou! Young political satirist captures hearts across the Taiwan Strait

    Hou Han-ting’s self-made video mocking Taiwan’s new government under the Democratic Progressive Party is winning hundreds of thousands of ...
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    China cuts official contact with Taiwan over new president

    Relations between the two sides have grown increasingly frosty since President Tsai Ing-wen won Taiwan's leadership by a landslide in January and ...
  5. Taiwan Tiananmen parliament

    Taiwan holds first Tiananmen commemoration in parliament

    Taiwan's government has repeatedly urged China to learn lessons from the Tiananmen crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, but parliamentarians ...