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  1. A medical worker wearing protective equipment

    Central Asia struggles with resurgent COVID-19 after reopening

    A man in his 60s, distraught and tearful, cries "I don't know what to do now" as medical staff in protective gear carry the body of his dead wife ...
  2. A municipal worker washes an empty street near the government house in Bishkek

    Kyrgyzstan tightens COVID-19 restrictions after increase in new cases

    Kyrgyzstan has shut down public transport in the capital Bishkek and the routes between all of its provinces until Monday, Prime Minister Kubatbek ...
  3. A medical official takes the body temperature of passengers at a check point outside Bishkek

    Kyrgyzstan moves to lock down major cities

    Kyrgyzstan declared a state of emergency on Tuesday in its three biggest cities, including the capital Bishkek, a move that will allow authorities ...