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  1. Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaves his home in London

    UK Labour leader warns about 'Trump Deal Brexit'

    Labour opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn on Monday (Aug 26) warned about the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, speaking ahead of cross-party talks aimed ...
  2. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party has consistently called for Britain to remain in a customs union

    UK Army probes video of Labour leader photo used for target practice

    The British Army said on Wednesday (Apr 3) it is investigating after a video emerged showing soldiers on a shooting range firing at a picture of ...
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    Commentary: Theresa May is right to stay, for now

    Battered by the UK election results and facing a more divided electorate, governing the UK and negotiating Brexit will not be easy. But it doesn't ...
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    Commentary: In UK election, age rather than terrorist attacks will shape voting

    The deadly attacks in London and Manchester are unlikely to shift voting intentions. We should watch the surge in support among young people for ...