labour market

labour market

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  1. US shoppers

    US inflation slows in September, weekly jobless claims increase

  2. US jobs

    US weekly jobless claims near 49-year low as factory orders surge

  3. Singapore CBD crowd

    Higher unemployment rate, more retrenchments in Q2: MOM

  4. Singapore manufacturing, Singapore economy

    Labour MPs outline steps to boost workers' employability in face of digitisation

  5. Raffles Place crowd

    Local employment growth nearly doubled in 2017: Manpower Ministry

  6. Singapore CBD crowd

    Unemployment rate at 3.1% as of June 2017; employment rate continues to increase

  7. workers Singapore file

    Overall jobless rate in Q3 nudges down to 2.1%: MOM

  8. People wait in line to enter a job fair in New York

    Commentary: Scepticism towards contract work hold workers back from finding their perfect job

    The contracting market is set for impressive growth, but old mindsets may be the biggest impediment to realising its potential, says Hays ...
  9. New Content Item

    Commentary: The optimist's case for automation

    Automation holds considerable promise for reversing the slowdown in workforce growth in developed economies like Singapore. The conditions needed ...
  10. NWC represenatives

    NWC proposes raising basic wage threshold, S$45-S$60 pay hike for low-wage workers

    This marks the second time that the National Wages Council is proposing a range of pay increments for low-wage workers, instead of a minimum sum.