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  1. offices night time

    Commentary: China's protest against long working hours is so old-fashioned

    China's anti-996 campaign is quaint in a world increasingly embracing working at all times of the day, says Financial Times' Andrew Hill.
  2. Singapore workers-raffles

    Commentary: Tip of the iceberg, when ‘disguised PMEs’ don’t get overtime pay and fair treatment

    Greater awareness concerning who are covered under the Employment Act will be key in ensuring workers are treated fairly, says NTUC Assistant ...
  3. Palm oil plantation in North Sumatra

    'Concerted effort' required on labour rights: Wilmar on Amnesty report

    Wilmar has responded to an Amnesty International report which alleged labour abuses at its suppliers' plantations.
  4. Silk Road guangdong protest

    As economy flags, labour protests multiply across China

    In hotbed Guangdong especially, unpaid wages leave many angry and in the lurch, activists tell The Maritime Silk Road.