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  1. Blur like Sotong at NDP preview

    Commentary: Singlish is not English. That’s not a bad thing

    To ask if speaking Singlish makes it difficult for people to speak English is akin to asking if speaking Spanish would be detrimental to the ...
  2. man using phone

    Commentary: If only privacy agreements were readable. Most aren't

    The GDPR requires companies to use clear and plain language in privacy agreements, but readability remains a challenge, says Victoria University's ...
  3. Students in a classroom.

    Commentary: More British kids are learning Mandarin. Here's why

    Mandarin has been made increasingly easy to pick up across the United Kingdom, says UCL's Pro-Vice Provost Katharine Carruthers.
  4. People receiving aid in Palu

    Commentary: Indonesia's disappearing languages - all because of climate change

    Sulawesi's languages are disappearing as many small communities relocate due to climate change, says one linguist from Queen's University.
  5. elder woman reading newspaper

    Commentary: When did English become a second language and jargon our first?

    Forget about our analysis being read or our proposal approved if readers have to plow through a morass of jargon and gobbledygook, says former ...
  6. Buskers have been entertaining crowds -- and irking neighbours -- for nearly two decades under the

    Commentary: In China, why dialects like Cantonese are on the wane

    Languages, including Cantonese and other dialects should be celebrated in China but their usage have been marginalised by authorities, says one ...
  7. FILE PHOTO Students take part in a ceremony as the new school year begins in North Korea

    Say what? Language hurdles plague two Koreas after years of division

    When South Korean businessman Kim Yong-tae worked with North Koreans at the Kaesong Industrial Complex before it was closed in 2016, one of the ...
  8. Myanmar english classroom

    Commentary: How hard is it to learn English?

    Languages can be complex, but how hard it is to learn them really depends on your starting point, says one observer at the Financial Times.
  9. Father daughter family Singapore

    Commentary: The benefits of bilingualism go beyond knowing two languages

    Mastering a second language improves your functioning in ways not commonly discussed, says a language expert from NUS.
  10. primary school students

    Commentary: Things you were taught at school that are wrong

    The prescriptivist stranglehold on grammar isn’t just restrictive, it’s often just plain wrong, argues Associate Professor Misty Adoniou.