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  1. Blurred TV screen in the background with remote control held in the foreground

    Commentary: Watching foreign-language TV during COVID-19 can help you learn a new language

    There is now increasing evidence that viewers can improve their comprehension skills, pronunciation and grammar through watching TV, say experts.
  2. Parent child talk discipline punishment reward

    Commentary: A little baby talk is good for your toddler

    Young children around the world love baby talk, say observers.
  3. Malaysia school children

    Commentary: Why Malaysia’s debate on race, education and vernacular schools will rage on

    PUTRA Vice-President Khairul Azam is fighting for Malaysian courts to rule vernacular schools as unconstitutional. But it would be more productive ...
  4. chinese class

    Commentary: In English-speaking Singapore, children face huge challenges in mastering mother tongue

    From a child’s perspective, arguing that they have to master mother tongue because of economic or cultural reasons cuts no ice, says mum June Yong.
  5. Child reading books

    Commentary: Want your kids to have a headstart in life? Build their vocab

    Professor of teaching and learning at Vanderbilt University, David Dickinson shares seven ways how to build your child's vocabulary.
  6. Blur like Sotong at NDP preview

    Commentary: Singlish is not English. That’s not a bad thing

    To ask if speaking Singlish makes it difficult for people to speak English is akin to asking if speaking Spanish would be detrimental to the ...
  7. man using phone

    Commentary: If only privacy agreements were readable. Most aren't

    The GDPR requires companies to use clear and plain language in privacy agreements, but readability remains a challenge, says Victoria University's ...