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  1. Staunch China ally Cambodia is preventing Southeast Asia from reaching a consensus on the South

    Commentary: The ups and downs of Laos' road to graduate from least developed country status

    Laos' economic development depends alot on mining and hydropower, which breeds new risk for the country's ambitions to graduate from the United ...
  2. Singapore's Faris Ramli dribbles the ball during a SEA Games 2019 match against Laos on Nov 26, 2019

    Football: Sundram’s Laos hold Fandi’s Singapore to scoreless draw in SEA Games opener

    At times, Laos coach V Sundramoorthy’s voice seemed to echo into the grandstands and at the final whistle, he had the best reason to shout, as ...
  3. Men sit at their collapsed houses damaged by landslide along Mekong river in Can Tho city

    Commentary: Droughts and dams are drying up the Mekong river

    The combination of drought and the construction of dams in China, and now in Laos, has created a new situation in the Mekong Valley, says Milton ...
  4. Young pigs in a pen at a hog farm

    Philippines bans pig imports from Laos due to swine fever: WTO

    The Philippines has banned imports of pigs and pig products from Laos due to an African swine fever outbreak, it said in a filing published by the ...