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  1. Men sit at their collapsed houses damaged by landslide along Mekong river in Can Tho city

    Commentary: Droughts and dams are drying up the Mekong river

    The combination of drought and the construction of dams in China, and now in Laos, has created a new situation in the Mekong Valley, says Milton ...
  2. Asiatic black bear cubs rescued in remote Laos

    Asiatic black bear cubs rescued in remote Laos

  3. Luang Prabang

    13 Chinese tourists killed as bus plunges into ravine in Laos

  4. Laos dam collapse

    Survivors of deadly Laos dam collapse homeless a year on: Report

  5. Young pigs in a pen at a hog farm

    Philippines bans pig imports from Laos due to swine fever: WTO

    The Philippines has banned imports of pigs and pig products from Laos due to an African swine fever outbreak, it said in a filing published by the ...
  6. African swine fever is not harmful to humans but can be fatal to pigs - and potentially harmful to

    China bans pig imports from Laos due to African Swine fever

  7. African swine fever, fatal to wild boar and pigs but harmless to humans, has cut a swathe through

    Laos confirms first cases of African swine fever

  8. Watergate pavillion

    Tourist killed in crossfire during gang shootout near Bangkok mall

  9. Laos dam collapse

    Laos to press on with dam-building after deadly collapse: PM