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  1. Laos dam collapse

    Laos to press on with dam-building after deadly collapse: PM

  2. Laos dam collapse: Aftermath at ground zero
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    Laos dam collapse: Aftermath at ground zero

    As flood water recedes in areas hardest hit by the collapse of a dam in southern Laos, Channel NewsAsia's Tung Ngo travels with rescue workers to ...
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    Commentary: The Laos dam collapse, and the hidden costs of the Mekong's hydroelectric plans

    The hidden costs of dams planned along the Mekong river are high and pose a threat to the populations there, says one observer.
  4. Laos dam collapse resident

    Laos dam collapse affects more than 10,000 people: UN report

  5. Laos dam collapse families escaping

    'Not enough time to get out': Laos village caught in burst dam deluge