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  1. Black and white photo of woman holding face in her hands

    Commentary: Grief from losing loved ones to COVID-19 will spill into workplaces

    There has been great disruption to industries, jobs and the way we work during COVID-19, in addition to personal loss but organisations and ...
  2. Retail Rewrite
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    Ep 40: Retail Rewrite

    The end of tax-free online shopping from overseas. Will it reshape Singapore retail? How COVID-19 became a turning point for women entrepreneurs ...
  3. Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe

    What does it take to run the world’s most audacious watch brand?

    For luxury brands, staying competitive in this new norm calls for even more innovation and creativity than ever before. For Hublot’s CEO Ricardo ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: European Commission President Von Der Leyen holds a news conference on vaccine strategy

    Commentary: Looks like women aren't all superstar leaders in a crisis - which isn't a bad thing

    Female leaders should have the freedom to be as mediocre as any man, says the Financial Times’ Pilita Clark.
  5. Ho Renyung Hero

    How Banyan Tree's 36-year-old scion is making her mark on the family business

    What does it mean to be a second-generation leader? Ho Renyung talks to CNA Luxury on returning to the family business, redefining Banyan Tree’s ...
  6. FILE PHOTO:  People attend the Tesla and Space X booth at TechFair LA, a technology job fair in Los

    Tesla says black people hold just 4% of its US leadership roles

    Black employees make up just 4per cent of Tesla Inc's American leadership roles and 10per cent of its total workforce in the country, the electric ...
  7. Meet the 58-year-old Singapore CEO who runs ultra-marathons in his spare time Alain Esseiva

    Train in Singapore, run in Mongolia: The 58-year-old CEO who does ultra-marathons

    From Antarctica to Kazakhstan, Singapore-based Alain Esseiva has travelled to these exotic corners of the planet just to run exceedingly long ...
  8. Movement calls for leadership change in Indonesia | Video
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    Movement calls for leadership change in Indonesia | Video

    A movement calling for a change in leadership in next year's elections is brewing in Indonesia. A recent study shows that the “Change the ...