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  1. Movement calls for leadership change in Indonesia | Video
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    Movement calls for leadership change in Indonesia | Video

    A movement calling for a change in leadership in next year's elections is brewing in Indonesia. A recent study shows that the “Change the ...
  2. boss employee meeting discussion

    Commentary: Stressed? Your relationship with your boss may be playing a role

    Psychological connection with a leader influences how people cope with stress, researchers from Staffordshire University found.
  3. boss employee meeting discussion

    Commentary: Giving feedback, the trickiest task that pains every manager

    But communicating feedback is a core function of leadership, says human resource expert Adrian Tan.
  4. man in suit generic

    Commentary: Executive coaches are driving anxiety in many professionals

    The rise of executive coaching and leadership ideologies is driving anxiety in some people, says one observer.
  5. office computer work life

    Commentary: Your back-up plan is sabotaging your goals at work

    Having a back-up plan is a prudent move isn't it? But it has other huge drawbacks including lowering your motivation and weakening your ...
  6. SMRT CEO Neo Kian Hong 2

    Commentary: Replacing the CEO isn’t enough to reboot corporate culture

    When companies are hit by scandals, unforeseen incidences or bad governance, sometimes a new broom is not always the answer, says one observer ...
  7. Singapore CBD crowd

    Commentary: Attracting millennial talent, the edge start-ups have over large enterprises

    In the competition for talent, organisations can regain the initiative if they focus on what makes millennials tick, says one observer.
  8. FILE PHOTO --  Apple Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs holds new iPhone in San Francisco

    Commentary: Why humble narcissists make the most effective leaders

    These sort of leaders win more supporters, make wiser decisions and deliver sustainable performance for a collective good, says one NUS Business ...
  9. man writing office laptop pen paper

    Commentary: The power of negative thinking and chronic unease

    Pessimism and worry help us to avoid mistakes — and can make good business sense, says one observer at the Financial Times.
  10. New Content Item

    Commentary: A tale of convergence between two big countries, two big leaders

    Amid global uncertainty, China’s Xi Jinping adopts a conciliatory approach with India’s Narendra Modi – a timeout for the two rivals, says one ...