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  1. Asia Default Image

    China says no mining planned in Antarctica

  2. Philippines checkpoint

    Southern Philippines could be the destination for some IS extremists: Experts

    Islamic State fighters and sympathisers could use the southern Philippines as a para-military training ground, experts warn.
  3. New Content Item

    Dropping Singapore F1 race may not have significant impact on tourism: Experts

    While negotiations are still ongoing, dropping the F1 Singapore Grand Prix may not have a significant impact on the tourism sector, said industry ...
  4. Syria Aleppo home-made bombs

    Syria army seizes rebel territory in heart of Aleppo

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said loyalist fighters now controlled around half of the Bustan al-Basha district near the centre of the ...
  5. Banner on Thai referendum

    Thailand steps up public campaigns ahead of referendum

    The Royal Thai Police has also mobilised more than 200,000 police officers to provide security to 94,000 voting areas across the country on ...
  6. Fish parasite

    Woman finds parasite in fish while preparing to cook it

    The discovery was "surprising and exciting", the woman said, adding that she had read about such parasites before.
  7. stalker

    Man jailed 12 months for ‘mercilessly’ stalking ex-lover

    His ex-girlfriend tried to avoid him by blocking his calls and ignoring his attempts to contact her, but the 26-year-old printed flyers using her ...