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  1. Brunei Sultan 5

    Brunei, Singapore reaffirm 'special and close' bilateral ties during Sultan's state visit

    The Brunei Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah was given a ceremonial welcome on at the Istana on his state visit to Singapore.
  2. Sultan Brunei

    Brunei Sultan to make state visit to Singapore

    This is the Sultan's fourth state visit to Singapore, having last made one in April 2014.
  3. PM Lee in Peru1

    US pulling back from global trade will be 'big minus': PM Lee

    While there will still be opportunities to promote growth in Europe and Asia without the participation of the US, the world will be “missing out” ...
  4. Recipes from the heart

    Collection of recipe cards launched to promote healthy living

    The recipes targets seniors, giving them ideas on how to prepare meals that are healthy and delicious.
  5. China Singapore

    Commentary: The new normal of Singapore’s relations with China

    The death of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, a muscular China and the South China Sea dispute are pushing Sino-Singapore ties into a new chapter.
  6. Ex Heartbeat 2

    SGSecure launched to prepare public for terror attacks

    A new SGSecure mobile app was also launched for members of the public to receive alerts during major emergencies and to provide information to ...
  7. Constitutional Commission report

    Elected Presidency review: Govt’s response 'pragmatic' but ensures candidates can do the job, analysts say

    While the Government did not accept some recommendations of the Constitutional Commission's report, the divergence was small and "not surprising", ...
  8. Lee Hsien Loong Xi Jin Ping G20

    Chongqing Connectivity Initiative can be testbed for new policies and ideas: PM Lee

    The third Government-to-Government project can break new ground by being a testbed for the Chinese to try out “new policies or new emphasis in ...
  9. (yv) EP commission

    Safeguards needed in Singapore's Elected Presidency: Community leaders

    Those whom Channel NewsAsia spoke to felt that no matter what changes were proposed to the eligibility criteria, they should apply equally to both ...
  10. HSR MOU 2

    NDR 2016: Singapore’s relations with Malaysia and Indonesia 'sensitive, complex', but good on the whole

    Relations with both countries are good, but there will be differences from time to time, said the Prime Minister in his National Day Rally speech