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  1. FILE PHOTO: 71st Cannes Film Festival

    Lesbian romance film shows to sell-out crowd in Nairobi after court lifts ban

    Rafiki, an acclaimed film portraying a lesbian romance that was until Friday banned in Kenya where it was made, showed on Sunday to a cheering, ...
  2. A gay couple prepares to get married at a group wedding for same-sex couples in West Hollywood

    The Big Read: With a house still divided over 377A, time to seek common ground

    More than a decade after a bruising and fractious debate that ended in a stalemate, the powder keg that is Section 377A of the Penal Code has been ...
  3. Bryan Lim

    Man charged for threatening to 'open fire' on LGBT community in Singapore

    Facebook user Bryan Lim had written that he wanted to "open fire" and "protect his nation" in response to a post on Pink Dot, an event organised ...