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    Facebook user fined for threatening to 'open fire' on LGBT community

    Bryan Lim had commented that he wanted to “open fire” and “protect his nation” in response to a Facebook post on foreign funding of Pink Dot, an ...
  2. Human Library

    Novel idea? Browsing through a 'Human Library'

    The Human Library held on Sunday (Oct 30) allowed participants to "borrow" people and listen to their stories. But can you read a person like a book?
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    Controversial socio-political issues in Singapore should be left to Singaporeans: Shanmugam

    Foreign entities are unlikely to get approval to fund or support Speakers' Corner events that deal with controversial social and political issues, ...
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    Pink Dot 'disappointed' by new Speakers' Corner regulations

    "We want to work closely with the Ministry of Home Affairs and other Government agencies to ensure that we remain within legal boundaries," says a ...