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  1. Activist investor Carl Icahn is voicing confidence the chief executive of Botox maker Allergan

    Commentary: Can you have too much Botox?

    Botox is trending with millennials, even men, says an expert.
  2. online dating men women standards 5

    Commentary: Why sparks could fizzle after meeting your Zoom date in person

    People dating online during quarantine have essentially been flying blind, says an observer.
  3. buzzcut

    Commentary: No barbers, no sweat. The it-will-do-for-now haircut works just fine

    Twitter is replete with middle-aged men with buzzcuts, says the Financial Times' Robert Shrimsley.
  4. woman phone laptop

    Commentary: Tired of staring at screens? Here’s how to avoid tech overload while stuck at home

    Reduced screen time sharpens our concentration and allows us to complete tasks more efficiently, say observers.
  5. Mobile phone smartphone addiction Singapore - file photo

    Commentary: Digital stress - why it's time to change your relationship with your phone

    Too much time spent on your mobile devices can induce stress but, according to the University of Sydney's Brad Ridout, you don’t need to get rid ...
  6. Shake Shack queue

    Still queuing? Shake Shack will 'definitely' open another outlet in Singapore

    Shake Shack’s culinary director said the Singapore outpost has "exceeded all expectations" – and that they intend on being here "20 years from now".
  7. Southern Ridges nparks

    Commentary: Take your cardio from the shops to the great outdoors

    Instead of ensconcing ourselves in air conditioned malls, head out to enjoy nature the next time you have some time to spare, says lifestyle ...
  8. New Content Item
    Media playtime

    Ep 3: Philippines Coffin Valley

    Coffins hang off cliffs while voices echo in the valleys of Sagada.  Home to the Igorots, a mountain tribe that has proudly preserved their ...
  9. couple laughing, on a date

    Commentary: Relationships - yes you have a type. It's likely to be your ex

    But there are plenty other factors that influence who we enter into a romantic relationship with, says Brunel University London's Stanley Gaines.