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    Commentary: Why Twitter's 280 characters row is a storm in a flat white

    Is the raging debate over Twitter's character limit expansion a clash of literary ideals or just another technological update we'll soon forget about?
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    Twitter purists mourn end of 140-character limit on posts

    It is the first time the character cap has been raised since Twitter was founded 11 years ago.
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    Twitter to double tweet limit to 280 characters

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    Twitter tests expanding tweet limit to 280 characters

  5. EU migrants

    Leaked paper details British plans to limit EU migrants

  6. A roll pictures featuring Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

    Commentary: Why can’t America just take out Assad?

    History suggests it would be a big mistake.
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    Feedback wanted on proposed limits on using coins for payments

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore is proposing a limit of 10 coins per denomination across all denominations in a single transaction.
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    India to remove cash withdrawal limits

    The Reserve Bank of India capped cash withdrawals after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's shock decision in November to take all 500 (US$7.40) and ...
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    Regulations in place to ramp up driverless vehicle trials in Singapore

    The Land Transport Authority has been given more flexibility with rules and regulations in a bid to keep pace with the rise of autonomous vehicle ...
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    SMRT sleeper replacement complete, speed limits to be lifted

    Since August 2013, the Land Transport Authority and SMRT have been replacing ageing wooden sleepers on the lines with longer-lasting concrete ones.