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  1. Livestream sales could this year gross more than 1 trillion yuan ($150 billion), according to a

    Live streaming: How businesses turn viewership into revenue

    Live streaming was already gaining traction before the pandemic, but COVID-19 turned it from novelty to necessity. Money Mind looks at what it ...
  2. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: What Happens After Viral Fame?

    What can 15 seconds of internet fame do to your life? How do influencers become popular on the internet and can going viral change the world in ...
  3. food for thought thumbnail
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    Ep 3: Food For Thought

    COVID-19 and globalisation don't mix well. The pandemic has highlighted the interdependence and vulnerabilities of supply chains. Will this be ...
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    Ep 23: Stuck In The Past

    3 digital experts go undercover to help 3 family businesses go digital. But instead, they uncover a tradition of strange fish, fancy lace and beef ...
  5. OTRD ep 24 - taking the first step
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    Ep 24: Taking The First Step

    From changing their packaging to creating a separate social media profile, how are our 3 traditional businesses faring as they take their first ...
  6. Joseph Phua, CEO of M17 Entertainment Group

    Life lessons from Paktor co-founder and social entertainment guru Joseph Phua

    As CEO of M17 Entertainment Group, the entrepreneur has led the firm to become the largest live streaming and social entertainment company in Asia.
  7. Photo: Aik Chen

    Now live-streaming: Millennial duo brings their fish shop online

    Virtual wet markets seem to be trending and these thirty-somethings are on board, selling locally-caught seafood via Facebook to a captive audience.