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  1. a university student's graduation.

    US liver cancer deaths more common with less education

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    Whole grains might help ward off liver cancer

  3. The Merck logo is seen at a gate to the Merck & Co campus in Linden, New Jersey

    Merck's Keytruda fails late-stage study in liver cancer patients

    Merck & Co Inc said on Tuesday its cancer drug Keytruda failed the main goals of a late-stage trial and did not extend life of patients with a ...
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    Severe fatty liver disease boosts risk for liver cancer

  5. Faster, targeted therapy for liver cancer patients
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    Faster, targeted therapy for liver cancer patients

    Doctors and scientists in Singapore are collaborating with a Korean academic medical centre on a programme that hopes to administer targeted ...
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    Liver cancer patients wanted for 'first-in-the-world' trial led by National Cancer Centre

    The trial is the first in the world to combine two types of treatments, one of which is used for liver cancer patients who are unsuitable for ...
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    Researchers studying customised treatments for liver cancer patients

    A local research team is looking to recruit 40 Singaporeans or permanent residents with liver cancer patients to participate in a study in the ...