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  1. The state of Victoria -- which includes Melbourne -- recorded 450 new virus cases on Friday and has

    Australia arrests two for planning anti-lockdown protest

    Australian police have arrested two men accused of planning an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne, an unusual move to stop an event that ...
  2. Ep 4 (1)
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    Ep 4: Closing The Distance

    COVID-19 restrictions are being rolled back for the families, yet the threat of the virus remains. In Singapore, the Su boys finally get their ...
  3. TFA5_EP3_Nalos_Gama_Family_Breaking_Point
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    Ep 3: Falling Apart Together

    As the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic continues, some families are beginning to fray at the edges. In Singapore and Manila, the Su and ...
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    Ep 1: Living In The New (Ab)normal

    In this special season of The Family Affair, witness how the lives of four families get turned upside down as countries across Asia undergo ...
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    Ep 2: Missing The Good Old Days

    Some family members attempt to bring back some parts of the life they knew before the pandemic, and clashes ensue. In Wuhan & in Singapore, Wang ...
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    Survival: Developing Countries On The Frontline

    Thousands of deaths, crumbling economies and the social fabric of society shattered. Can the developing world survive COVID19?
  7. India virus

    India's police shamed by rare murder probe into custodial deaths

    It took a while for Indians to learn how a father and son died in hospital with blood pouring from their rectum, days after police in small ...
  8. FILE PHOTO: Isaac (4) watches Queen Elizabeth II during a televised address to the nation

    TV viewing surges during Britain's lockdown, led by streaming services

    Britons spent 40per cent of their waking day watching TV and online video at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown in April, including spending ...
  9. A promotion for the computer game "Grand Theft Auto Five"  is shown in Encinitas, Califor

    What did you do during lockdown? I was playing 'Grand Theft Auto'

    Take-Two Interactive Software Inc sold over 15 million units of "Grand Theft Auto V" in the first two quarters of the year, as more people lapped ...