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  1. Asia Default Image

    Why multiple earthquakes are rattling one Indonesian island

  2. Lombok Aug 19 earthquake

    At least 10 dead after multiple quakes rock Indonesia's Lombok

  3. Earthquake map

    Multiple quakes rock Indonesia's Lombok island, two dead

  4. Lombok quake

    Minor injuries reported after new tremor rocks Indonesia's Lombok

  5. Lombok quake

    Lombok island rocked by 6.3-magnitude earthquake

  6. Lombok quake

    Indonesia's Lombok earthquake death toll surges to 460

  7. Indonesia quake

    Indonesia quake death toll tops 400 as more bodies recovered

  8. Asia Default Image

    Death toll from Indonesia quake climbs over 320

  9. pemenang village lombok earthquake aftermath

    Indonesia's Lombok hit by another strong quake

  10. Facebook Lombok earthquake balloons

    Facebook apologises after Lombok earthquake balloons blunder