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  1. South Asians heart health pills

    Commentary: Have we medicalised loneliness? It’s society that’s broken

    By talking about loneliness as a virus or an epidemic, we medicalise it and seek simple, even pharmacological treatments, says an observer.
  2. Loneliness during the festive season

    Unhappy Holidays: Coping with loneliness over the festive season

    It’s the holidays but not everyone is jolly. For lonely hearts, the festive season can bring on feelings of gut-wrenching loneliness. Find out how ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: A cyclist rides a bicyle as he delivers food for Deliveroo, an example of the emergence

    Commentary: Workers in the gig economy feel lonely, anxious and powerless

    In the gig economy, you are subject to the whims of fluctuating demand and a star system that rates every interaction, say three experts.
  4. Six Nations Championship - Scotland vs England

    Rugby: Former skipper Barclay says Scots will be ready for Samoa

    John Barclay remembers the loneliness of the captaincy, the endless search for answers after a heavy defeat, and while the Scotland flanker no ...
  5. lonely woman looking at phone

    Commentary: Is social media to blame for young people feeling lonelier?

    In a world more connected than before, almost half of young people in the UK report feeling lonely. But don't blame social media, says one observer.
  6. Asia Default Image

    Japan’s literature of loneliness depicts solitude as a noble state

    The emerging trend of literature about solitude in Japan downplays a sense of desolation could be trying to make a virtue out of a growing ...
  7. Chinatown welcomes Year of the Dog 5

    Commentary: Chinese New Year brings stress, loneliness and sorrow to some seniors

    Festive seasons are usually a time of cheer but let’s keep a look out for elderly relatives and neighbours who might be experiencing negative ...