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  1. Tiger woods celebrates after winning the 2019 Masters

    Woods adds longevity label to his storied career

    Tiger Woods, with his Masters victory on Sunday, added the longevity label to a career that has changed the face of golf both on and off the course.
  2. Elderly driver Singapore

    Commentary: If more work in old age, how relevant is the retirement age?

    Prudential's move to do away with the retirement age should spark off a discussion about how relevant the retirement age is, say two business ...
  3. Elderly. File photo TODAY

    Commentary: The hidden dividends of a longer life

    Most worry about the burden of longer life, but an ageing population could boost worker productivity, says one organisation behaviour expert.
  4. Japan elderly coder

    Commentary: Growing old is not a slow march toward obscurity

    As life expectancy soars, retirement cannot be a perpetual holiday after years of work, says the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre’s CEO.
  5. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: John Key quits while he is ahead - so what is next for New Zealand politics?

    New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key never saw himself as a career politician, so longevity in the job was never an end in itself.