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  1. Louis Ng 1:1
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    Member of Parliament, Louis Ng

    Nee Soon GRC MP, Louis Ng on welcoming naysayers, ministerial salaries and his journey in politics. 
  2. Singapore plans a carbon tax on facilities such as petrochemical plants

    In pushing for climate policy, Louis Ng recognises need for trade-offs and to cushion impact on businesses

    The chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee (GPC) on Sustainability and the Environment pushed a major motion on climate change in ...
  3. Senior Citizen Smoking 01 - file photo

    IN FOCUS: Singapore wants fewer people to smoke. How can it make this happen?

    In 1986, the Government launched the National Smoking Control Programme with the theme, Towards a Nation of Non-Smokers. More than three decades ...
  4. PSP's Leong Mun Wai speaking in Parliament on Sept 1

    PSP to 'follow up' on parliamentary process of selecting adjournment motions

    NCMP Leong Mun Wai says there was a failure to give "priority to the more important issue of the day" after the Workers' Party motion on enhancing ...
  5. singapore karang guni

    Commentary: Why doesn’t recycling rope in the karang guni?

    Singapore’s National Recycling Programme could be boosted if our rag-a-bone men were given a new lease of life as employed ambassadors, says ...