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  1. PMD rider kicked off device

    Certis CISCO officer suspended from active duty after kicking PMD rider off road

    The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said on Wednesday (Dec 11) that it is looking into an incident in which a man who appears to be an enforcement ...
  2. New MRT map

    New MRT map launched with Circle Line as focal point

    A new and refreshed MRT system map was launched on Wednesday (Dec 11), featuring the Circle Line as a focal point and some of Singapore's most ...
  3. Many pedestrians gave the thumbs up for the ban while e-scooter users were wringing their hands

    The Big Read: After the sound and fury, the dust settles on e-scooter footpath ban

    Have the actions of some black sheep caused authorities to enact a ban to the chagrin of responsible users? E-scooter food deliverers and users ...
  4. Davis Cup Finals - Quarter-Final

    Tennis: Free tickets get British fans making late dash to Madrid

    British tennis fans have made a last-minute dash to Madrid to cheer their team on against Spain after the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) offered ...
  5. PMD rider stopped by officers

    More than 100 e-scooter riders issued warnings on first day of ban