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    Ep 1: The Joy of Making Time

    Savour Korean cuisine inspired by the country’s tradition, peek into the world of a self-taught Japanese watchmaker with his creations, and relish ...
  2. Luxury ingredients from China are now taking centre stage

    From caviar to Cabernet, luxury ingredients from China are now taking centre stage

    Across Asia, premium produce from China, such as caviar, morels, Jinhua ham and Cabernet Sauvignon, is changing perceptions in fine dining ...
  3. Ep 9
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    Ep 9: Telling Homegrown Stories With Gems

    A Singaporean couple is making waves around the world with their fine jewellery, a trio of chocolate artisans who create unique flavours, and a ...
  4. Ep 10
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    Ep 10: Eat Cake And Carry On

    What inspires the creations of homegrown patisserie Kki Sweets? Explore the rustic stylings of a remodeled inter-terraced building and see what ...
  5. Hermes handbags

    Are luxury handbags a better investment than art, wine, jewellery or cars?

    In 2020, prices of Hermes handbags rose by 17 per cent, according to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLI). A separate report by Art ...
  6. HERO Paris Fashion Week FW 2021

    What’s trending in fashion? A new Birkin, oversized jackets and sheer dresses

    Covetable leather accessories, fairytale gowns and voluminous jackets are on the agenda for the 2021 Fall/Winter season, as seen at the ...
  7. Ep 8
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    Ep 8: Living Without Reservations

    At Karmakamet Conveyance in Thailand, let go of any dining notions, self-taught tailors Gerald and Diana lovingly hand stitch ties, and visit a ...
  8. Prada presents Fall/Winter 2021/2022 women's collection during a live-streamed show at the Mil

    What will we wear post-pandemic? A peek into the future by Fendi, Prada

    As Paris Fashion Week kicks off, we look back at the just-concluded Milan Fashion Week, where a sense of optimism prevailed as fashion's biggest ...
  9. Ep 7
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    Ep 7: In Pursuit Of The Perfect Suit

    80/20 is a Thai restaurant that uses only local produce, Japanese tailor Ciccio dedicates his life to make the perfect suit, and an architect has ...
  10. Ep 6
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    Ep 6: Keeping Ahead By Staying Behind

    Ichizawa Hanpu is a bag brand with one store in Kyoto. How does this cult-brand survive? Visit a home that embodies kampong-style living and meet ...