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  1. The future of beauty shopping

    Virtual apps, WhatsApp texts: How to shop for beauty products in a pandemic

    Companies such as Sephora, SK-II and Clarins are using creative technology to make socially distanced, contact-free shopping a breeze.
  2. How to wear eye shadow when wearing a mask

    Masked up in hot weather? How to make eye makeup last without touch-ups

    With all of us wearing masks, you’ll need to bring your eye A-game to stand out. Here’s a quick guide to make sure the makeup stays on.
  3. woman makeup

    Commentary: Does long-term WFH mean goodbye to makeup?

    We might have gotten lazy but we will never truly put away our makeup, says beauty expert Kristen Juliet Soh.

    Fix dark circles and zits: Concealer tips from Beyonce and Adele’s makeup artists

    Pat McGrath, Nam Vo, Sir John and Michael Ashton are some of the world's most famous makeup artists. Follow their hacks to look your best.
  5. A woman tweezing her brow

    How to groom your eyebrows like a pro when you’re at home

    Trimming and tweezing your own brows are easier than you think. All you need are a pair of tweezers, a pair of brow scissors and a steady hand.
  6. A woman wearing lipstick

    Lipstick secrets to help you look younger at your next Zoom meeting

    Did you know that the way you put on lipstick can take years off your appearance? Get your (youthful) game face on with these tips.
  7. close up of a woman wearing lash extensions

    How extensions harm your natural eyelashes – and ways to help these recover

    Long, fluttery lashes make us look better, but wearing these constantly can have long-term effects. Your overloaded eyelashes might need a break ...
  8. Cleaning makeup tools from 13rushes

    Acne and fungal infections: When was the last time you cleaned your makeup kit?

    Your BB cream sponge, makeup brushes and even lipsticks can accumulate dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria – which could lead to skin conditions ...
  9. A close up of a woman with coloured hair

    From skincare to makeup: The biggest beauty trends that defined the 2010s

    Whether or not you partook in beauty gadgets or multicoloured hair, there’s no ignoring how these trends have shaped the beauty industry in the ...
  10. Woman at Christmas

    Too much eye makeup can lead to redness, swelling – find out how to avoid this

    The festive season might be the right time to dabble in bold colours and glitter for that party look. But don’t forget to play it safe, too – ...