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  1. Khairy Jamaluddin and Ahmad Zahid Hamidi

    Commentary: Can the once-mighty Barisan Nasional recover its footing as UMNO decides on its new leaders?

    Malaysia’s general election effectively created a two-party system but the direction that UMNO takes may push parties that have splintered from ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad speaks during an interview with Reuters

    Commentary: A month since the electrifying election, a massive clean-up is underway in Malaysia

    A flurry of leadership changes within the Malaysian establishment might seem confusing on the surface but the new government cannot act without ...
  3. Mahathir Mohamad voting GE14

    Malaysian PM Mahathir claims fraud in general election vote count

  4. (dn) MM post Malaysia GE main

    What now for the High-Speed Rail and Malaysia’s East Coast Rail Link?

    The two mega projects may grind to a halt, before they even get started. The programme Money Mind finds out the considerations involved, and why ...
  5. Anwar Ibrahim, wife Wan Azizah and daughter Nurul Izzah

    Anwar hails 'new dawn for Malaysia' following release from prison

  6. UMNO youth chief Khairy Jamalluddin after Barisan Nasional's defeat

    'Nobody wanted to acknowledge we have a problem': UMNO youth chief Khairy on BN's defeat