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  1. PKR president Anwar Ibrahim speaks to the media after winning the Port Dickson by-election

    Commentary: Anwar’s call for need-based affirmative action is popular and appealing but profoundly flawed

    Without a clear grasp of the system of race-based preferences in place and feasible reform options, Anwar Ibrahim’s project will lead to ...
  2. Haziq Aziz

    Commentary: Sex videos a weapon of choice in Malaysian politics that distract from other issues

    Are sex videos the weapon of choice in Malaysian politics, wonders James Chin.
  3. Mahathir cheers

    Commentary: A month after the historic election, can the new Pakatan government change Malaysian politics for good?

    Malaysia needs institutional changes to be effected, in order to enshrine practices of good governance, says one observer from advocacy group, the ...
  4. Malaysia election flags

    Commentary: Free from the shackles of a fallen coalition, does Sarawak parties leaving spell the end of the Barisan Nasional?

    Sarawak had strong reasons to leave the Barisan coalition given its unique circumstances, says one observer from the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute.