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  1. Wee Ka Siong and Mah Hang Soon of the Malaysian Chinese Association

    Malaysian Chinese Association elects new president

  2. (pp) Najib's promises2

    Commentary: The Malaysian Chinese Association, set adrift in need of a direction

    The Malaysian Chinese Association will have to decide its fate in its upcoming party elections – or risk waiting around for decades to become ...
  3. Asia Default Image

    Commentary: Split over Hudud bill, UMNO decides to hedge its bets for now

    The recent backpedal away from backing a bill that strengthens Syariah courts in Malaysia may seem puzzling but one expert explains UMNO's ...
  4. Asia Default Image

    Malaysian Chinese Association backs Malaysia's application over Pedra Branca: Report

    The Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) supports the Malaysian government's application for a revision of the International Court of Justice's ...